28. September 2012 | By: Kisa

I shall dump!


mostly random stuff i scribbled on my pc at work in lack of my pencil and sketchbook.....
inspired by...various things ;) some things from my work are in it too +laughs*  if i'd show you alle of them this post would be 5 times longer.... so only the short version for now.

ps: that guy on the bottom is insane - just saying..
6. Juli 2012 | By: Kisa

Work Work Work

I'm scribbling like crazy...several pages, desk covers and other things are full of sketches of dragons  from the theme parc *laughs*

but i always for get to take a cam with me or just scan it....

so have a digital doodle I did while brainstorming.

it's Kako - my character from DarkMoon Fairytales ;)
(altered the outfit though)

Fun fact: i was brainstorming a picture for a new children's pillow....
please just don't think about a relation of doodle & topic haha ~
10. November 2011 | By: Kisa

Long Time no See

And here I am again.
Maybe I'll post something more interesting the next days...but now I have no clue what...

so have two pics of a series I'm working on...

totally vexed by the Pen&Paper "Engel" I started potraying some...

i missed my aquarellpencils ;_;

Gabrielite - Angels of Death
Raphaelite - Angels of Healing

next are the Michaelite, Urielite, Ramielite and maybe Sarielite....

(dunno if they are written like this in english . but the Roleplay is only in german so..no idea ;D
10. August 2011 | By: Kisa


the Site is up!!

some things to do until all the content is up....
especially the galleries....
first I need to finish the gallery-mainoage...goddamn the coloring T_T

8. August 2011 | By: Kisa

Website Update

yes i shall spam!

Contact page nearly done..only the SEND button missing in the code script jungle and the URL on the lil blue fellow~

7. August 2011 | By: Kisa

Website on the Rum...ehr RUN

you see....I'm busy T_T
haha that's news you might ask?
well no in fact it's not.

anyways. Been to the Drachenfest - a very large LARP Convention and it was mindbusting awesome!
my first time and whooo I really lost it there *laughs*

as soon as I was back my university told me they limited our deadline for the website by 7 days.. SEVEN DAYS!!!! holy crap!
this week we have some flat sightings, several other things to take care of and Georgia has shift after shift on work..... dammit!

so we begged Kevin - who helps us a LOT on coding and realizing(or trying to) what we want to have on the site. he does a good job though I'm sure he nevere thought it'd be so much work ;D

never work with tho crazy designers ^^°

well at least I wanted to provide you not only with stupid gibberish talk but some screenshots on the website in progress.

the domain btw will be: www.allcoloursaboard.com (and .de ;D)

as soon as some of the subpages work we throw it into the nexus of the internet and work further until wednesday and HOPE we'll get most of it done (never haha XD;) but it's growing and we love it <3

after this theres much mroe to do

get a job
get sewing jobs done
help on the "blue camp" on the Drachenfest
work on projects of the LARP Groups
work on organisation stuff on TWO conventions
have fun

i should just shut it.... see you ;D
22. Juni 2011 | By: Kisa


Sketching again....
after pondering about the design of the website Georgia and me are planning we finally broke it down to some sketchty, map navigated playground *laughs* sounds strange I know...but it's difficult to explain. We use my map as basic and work on the cities and places on it - to have them elaborated and detailed for the menu to sit on then.

enough blabbering...
have some pics then v_V it's photos btw - too lazy to scan. And I like the lightning better ;D

Yes this is balsamico on it...

the real artist here.... he wanted some credit ;D